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Sonic Core Scope – The most flexible Hardware DSP System available.

Welcome to the Scope Universe

Heart of your studio

With its real-time processing, SCOPE is predestined to be connected to further latency free hardware equipment. The Multiple high-quality inputs and outputs and free routing capabilities of its Plug-Ins make the SCOPE Virtual Studio to a central of your setup, which can be used live on stage and for direct monitoring comprehensively. Through its flexible modular routing concept, SCOPE can be organized like a real Music Production Studio.


Route anything to everything

With Scope software you can freely route anything. Literally. This means instant cross-track routing, mid-side processing, custom multiband compression or multiband distortion-saturation... you imagine it. Merge hardware and software inside Scope and route to or from any DAW. Engage your creativity and let your imagination run free, nothing is impossible, from creating your own layered synth sounds to building whole sound generators from scratch using Scope SDK.


The Sound

Scope offers unlimited environment for creating sounds that have never been heard before. Various synthesis and processing algorithms are available. Because all processing is done using onboard Sharc DSP, the sound generation or processing has highest quality with almost no effect on your computer's own CPU. Select from a huge pool of high-quality vintage and modern day plugins available straight out of the box, with an expanding library in Sonic Core online shop.


A world of inspiration is awaiting for You

Scope software features more than 100 plug-ins, developed by world-renowned team of DSP developers. Ranging from amazing Mixer modules, physically modeled instruments, Vintage and Modern synths up to mastering tools, sequencers, MIDI tools and other utilites.

Sound Creation and Processing by real Hardware

SCOPE provides you with the Technology of world-class real digital Studio Devices and Hardware Synthesizers. The sample-based floating-point processing of the SCOPE DSP Hardware and the distinguished sound algorithms have made its authentic, lively and characterful sound an established benchmark. The SCOPE Virtual Studio Environment represents the Visualization of the Audio Equipment being processed by the SCOPE DSP Hardware.

A Complete Production Studio full of excellent virtual Equipment

Thanks to the exceptional performance of the SHARC® Super Harvard Architecture, the SCOPE DSP Hardware can house sophisticated Synthesizers, Effects, Mixing and Mastering Plug-Ins for an entire Music Production. The SCOPE Virtual Studio Environment provides a huge arsenal of expressive sounding hardware-quality equipment. It opens the door to unlimited inspiration and sonic creations.

Truly The most flexible Hardware DSP System available

Organize, control and route your complete hardware and software studio. Merge hardware and software inside Scope. Scope will provide you a Modular structure and flexibility in all aspects of the software no matter what you are trying to achieve. Whether you are trying to plug in your guitar source into vocoder or Modular synth in Scope this is possible. Your imagination is your own limit.

Best Reason to Choose Scope Platform

Amazing instruments
Mixing and mastering tools
Hardware integration
Limitless Creativity

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