Hardware Processed Sound Creation
Hardware Processed Sound Creation
The SCOPE MODULAR is the world's only modular synthesizer of this complexity that is emulated on a DSP hardware. It is writing its own chapter in synthesizer history, providing an world of sound creation possibilities.
The Giant for unlimited Sound Design
Thanks to the SHARC DSP technology and the flexibility of the SCOPE system, you can be sure being able to transform your concept and ideas into brilliant sound. Design your own synthesizer or effect. Hundreds of MODULAR Modules and Third-Party extensions are available to you.

The MODULAR IV extends the MODULAR III by 100 modules. Various modulation possibilities, feedback loops in signal pathes and new oscillators open up the way for your own filter circuits, feedback effects, physical modeling and much more.
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Audio track quality: 128 kbps compressed
The Formula of the SCOPE Sound
Beside the technology of the SCOPE DSP Audio Platform, the system carries the experience and engagement of many talented specialists. The SCOPE sound algorithms is the elixir of the deep and transparent characterful sound and the sound designs used by the emulations of well-known synthesizers, effects and further gear are uncompromising. On top, SCOPE might be the most flexible DSP system through its modular routing concept. Listen to a selection of SCOPE MODULAR sounds.

Audio track quality: 128 kbps compressed
The FleXor
As a 3rd-Party Extension Pack for the SCOPE MODULAR, Adern provides the groundbreaking FleXor. Its fat and deep sound recreates analog warmth as well as offering routes into the pure digital territory. 250 synthesis and processing components featuring rich and complex oscillators, wave shapers and filters, an inspiring range of granular processors, sequencers, modulators and effects unleashes extraordinary sound design potential.

Learn more about the Flexor and SCOPE DSP Plug-Ins based on the FleXor modules here.

Audio track quality: 128 kbps compressed
The OS20 Series
The Ocean Swift Synthesis OS20, OS10 and OS00 Synthesizers are extending the SCOPE MODULAR. Realize your ideas by using these exceptional Plug-Ins. OS10 and OS00 are one-oscillator versions of the OS20. The package comes with Hundreds of presets created by Faxi Nadu and Atom Sessions.

Learn more about the OS20 Series here.
What Artists say about SCOPE MODULAR:
Hans Zimmer
Film Composer
Hans Zimmer is one of the most successful and influential composers in Hollywood.

SCOPE XITE-1 is a truly great sounding system. The sonic quality is first rate, the versatility is unmatched to this day. The MODULAR synth, in conjunction with the Mixers and Effects, beats most of the hardware out there.
Alfonso D'Amora
Composer and Sound Designer
Alfonso D'Amora as a composer and musician has written music for several films and documentaries.

SCOPE MODULAR, since its first outcome, is what changed completely my approach to sound. Before that 'encounter' I was a guitar player with a passive fruition of synthetic sounds from synths I've owned. SCOPE and its MODULAR synthesizer opened the path to the pursuit of my own sounds. Today its modules plus the 3rd party ones made for it are probably the most impressive and good sounding arsenal in the hands of any sound creative mind. Nothing compares!
John S. Bowen
Sound Designer and Synthesizer Developer
John S. Bowen has contributed to creation of Synthesizer Legends such as Sequential Circuits Prophet series.

I was immediately impressed by the combination of great sound blocks in the SCOPE library, and the ease of being able to combine them into a fully functional device.
The SCOPE® DSP Technology
Super Harvard Architecture: SHARC®
Equipped with SHARC audio processors from Analog Devices, SCOPE DSP units deliver first class sound quality. The SHARC processor dominates the DSP market with exceptional performance and outstanding I/O throughput. Its real-time floating-point processing performs where transparency and dynamic range is key: Our algorithms at work.