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Team up with Sonic Core and go from a ingenious idea to a brilliant product. SCOPE provides you with the Technology of authentic and lively sound.
The Challenge
You have your vision of a groundbreaking digital sound processing unit. You want to build up your concept, design your idea and realize your device with a sophisticated circuit board, a graceful control surface, multiple audio and MIDI ports.
The Problem
Many visionaries experience a dramatic setback when they first realize the workload behind a perfectly finished hardware product. This can be so drastic that a revolutionary idea just fades away, because the hurdle appears too high to cross. Particularly in the world of digital audio, where we have to deal with top-notch computer technology, it is very hard to imagine that there is an easy way to go from a brilliant idea to a brilliant product.
The Solution
The SCOPE DSP Technology has equipped several Hardware Musical Instruments and Pro Audio products, such as mixing consoles, synthesizers, effects, measurement and broadcast solutions with brilliant sound. A huge library of DSP algorithms and sound designs running on Analog Devices SHARC processors is the heart of these products.

Team up with us to make your product!
What John S. Bowen, manufacturer of the SOLARIS Synthesizer, says about SCOPE:

We had all worked together in the development of the SCOPE system, which as a development tool I found to be sonically superior to any other available native ‘synth construction’ programs on the market. However, I needed a powerful system to produce the SOLARIS properly. Using their expertise, Sonic Core has created brand-new hardware and operating system software. It’s my plan to have the SOLARIS act as a capable ‘host system’ for a wide variety of synthesis types, while still providing an ease-of-use factor.


Audio track quality: 128 kbps compressed
Preset Library 'Event Horizon' for SOLARIS by Toby Emerson.

Build your own product by using the unlimited functional range and the approved powerful and transparent Sound of SCOPE.
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