Development Kit
Authentic and Living Sound
The Formular of the SCOPE Sound
The SCOPE DSP Hardware with sample-based precise floating-point processing allows a sound design with feedback loops, modulations and resonances, which are possible usually with analog devices only. This enables the SCOPE Plug-Ins to sound as living like solid Hardware Synthesizers, and provides you with the uncompromising Models of famous genuine Synthesizers as well as innovative and inspiring sound capabilities.
Super Harvard Architecture: SHARC®
Equipped with SHARC audio processors from Analog Devices, SCOPE DSP units deliver first class sound quality. The SHARC processor dominates the DSP market with exceptional performance and outstanding I/O throughput. Its real-time floating-point processing performs where transparency and dynamic range is key: Our algorithms at work.
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Outstanding 3rd-Party Plug-Ins
SCOPE is an open-minded technology that as enabled 3rd Party developers to create excellent Plug-Ins. Rich collections of excellent sound designs and huge libraries of world-class audio algorithms can be used by you as a third party developer. These are your sources of genuine sound creation and your freedom of infinity inspiration. Evolve your ideas to a premium SCOPE Plug-In.
The People
Legends and pioneers: The SCOPE DSP AUDIO PLATFORM has been established by years of experience and engagement of unconventional experts and protagonists from all over the world. The SCOPE community is wide, colorful and multifaceted.

If any digital technology can have a soul... then this is SCOPE.
Purchase SCOPE SDK v7
Compatible with SCOPE XITE-1 and SCOPE PCI DSP-Boards
SCOPE Application v7.0
Virtual Studio Environment for SCOPE DSP Hardware

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