Masterpieces of brilliant Sound
SCOPE v7 and SCOPE SDK v7 are replacing earlier releases v5, v5.1 and SDK v6. Compatible with SCOPE PCI-Boards and XITE-1 for PCs running Microsoft Windows including Version 10.
Masterpieces of brilliant Sound
One of the main points we have focused on in SCOPE Application v7 and SCOPE SDK v7 is compatibility and optimizations related to Windows 10. The Hardware Driver, ASIO and DSP system layers have been adapted and improved, as well as the resource management. As initial releases of a new common codebase, v7 is the starting point for further development and comming updates.
What's new in SCOPE v7?
SCOPE Application v7 comes with new Plug-Ins: SC-Channel M, SC-Channel S, SC-Autogate, SC-Brickwall EQ, Quad Space Shepard Generator QSSG, Arpeg02, MINIMAX v7 (Drone and Unison Mode), Lightwave v7 (Drone and Unison Mode). Furthermore these Plug-Ins have been updated: ControlRoom, SB404, Modular Module GateSEQ1, MasterVerb, Masterb Classic, E-Reflektor, Miniscope, Miniscope MK2.
What's new in SCOPE SDK v7?
For the first time, SCOPE SDK is fully compatible to be used with 3DSP / 4DSP and 6 DSP SCOPE PCI-Boards. The application user interface has been revised and improved to make the use of SCOPE SDK more efficient and easier. SCOPE SDK v7 is the new basis for a powerful sound device development and will be updated by more libraries and tools in the future. Your feedback is welcome!
SCOPE Application v7.0
Virtual Studio Environment for SCOPE DSP Hardware

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