18 SHARC® Sound Processor & Interface
18 SHARC® Sound Processor & Interface
The Technology of world-class digital Studio Devices and Hardware Synthesizers provided by 18 First Class SHARC® Processors in one Rack Unit.
The Sound Design Genius
The sample-based precise floating-point processing allows a sound design with feedback loops, modulations and resonances, which are possible usually with analog devices only. This and the excellent sound algorithms have made the authentic, lively and characterful sound of SCOPE an established benchmark.
The Performance Giant
With its 18 First Class SHARC® Processors in one Rack Unit, SCOPE XITE-1 provides you with the Technology of world-class real digital Studio Devices and Hardware Synthesizers. Thanks to the exceptional performance of the Super Harvard Architecture, it can house sophisticated Synthesizers, Effects, Mixing and Mastering Plug-Ins for an entire Music Production.
The Studio Core
With its real-time processing, XITE-1 is a real hardware unit and predestined to be connected to further latency free hardware equipment. The Multiple high-quality inputs and outputs and free routing capabilities of its Plug-Ins makes the XITE-1 to a central unit of your production setup, which can be used live on stage and for direct monitoring comprehensively.
XITE-1 comes with SCOPE Application Software, Synth Legends Bundle, Classic Mix'n'Master Bundle, Classic Synth'n'Sampler Bundle and MODULAR III
Features and Configurations
SCOPE Software v7
Virtual Studio Environment
The application software for SCOPE XITE-1 and SCOPE PCI DSP-Boards comes with a rich suite of sound synthesis, effects, mixing and mastering Plug-Ins.
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Represented by Software and processed by Hardware
Synthesizer Legends, Effects, Mixers and Mastering Plug-Ins, as well as 3rd-Party innovations for unlimited inspiration and sonic creations.
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Audio track quality: 128 kbps compressed
The Elixir of the SCOPE Sound
Beside the technology, SCOPE carries the experience and engagement of many talented passionated specialists from all over the world. The algorithms and sound designs made for the SCOPE synthesizers, effects and further gear are uncompromising, expressive and characterful. Listen to a selection of SCOPE sounds. And let your ears be the judge.
Tom Keane
Songwriter, producer, president of the Del-Fi music group
I use SCOPE to run all the incredible synths that are available for the platform for many years now. From pads to effects, there is never a lack of options. Killer Stuff!
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