Development Partnership
Categories and Fields of Application
Synthesizers | Effects | Plug-Ins
You are working as a musician or in the MI domain, and you have a great idea for a product. A Guitar Effects Processor, a Reverb Box or a Synthesizer? If you have an impressing background but no development skills, you can plan, work out, build your dream synthesizer and start your own business. Use Sonic Core Technology as the heart of your system, choose the hardware you need, and use our contacts into the business for designing and building the instrument for you.
Mixing Consoles | DSP Processors
The way audio content is being broadcasted has changed rapidly over the past decades, and the pace of this development increases constantly. The key for successful products is a system that grows with the demands and stays in touch with the technology, no matter which way it goes. With Sonic Core Technology, you build tools that can handle future demands.
DSP Routing + Processing | PA Systems
Whether you are a manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems for permanent installations, or a designer of high quality PAs, you know about the increasing need of DSP driven products in your domain. Looking at the historical background of many successful players in this domain, we understand that their core know-how is not DSP programming. Sonic Core can fill this gap with the appropriate hard- and software solution – easy to adapt, and fast development from the idea to the market.
Communication Tools | DSP Routing + Processing
Just like a modern electronic musical instrument, communication technologies rely on DSP power to drive their products. With Sonic Core Technology, you can take your technological know-how to the next level and open it up for any communication demand that may be the basis of future conference scenarios.