Hans Zimmer
Film Composer
Hans Zimmer is one of the most successful and influential composers in Hollywood. The Oscar winner has written soundtracks for films such as Pearl Harbour, The Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, Inception and many others.
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Ulrich Schnauss
Electronic Musician and Producer
At once uplifting and otherworldly, the music of Ulrich Schnauss combines multilayered synthesizers with beats and ethereal vocals, serving as an aural escape route from the trappings of reality.
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William Goldstein
Composer, Pianist, Director of the California State Summer School for the Arts
As a pioneer in the use of computers and electronic instruments in music, William Goldstein has scored more than 50 movies and television productions, including Fame and The Miracle Worker.
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Glyn M. Owen
Composer and Producer
Glyn composes for some of the biggest names in production music, such as EMI, KPM and West One. He has written and produced for Disney, Adidas, Reebok, Microsoft, Samsung, Ferrari, Mercedes and many more companies, also for TV shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dancing with the Stars and the BBC's The One Show.
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Tangerine Dream
Electronic Music Group
Tangerine Dream is one of the most important representatives of electronic music, mainly because of its pioneering work. Besides having released over one hundred albums, the group has created over sixty film soundtracks.
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John S. Bowen
Sound Designer and Synthesizer Developer
John S. Bowen has contributed to creation of Synthesizer Legends such as Sequential Circuits Prophet series, Korg Wavestation and OASYS. After joining development of the SCOPE MODULAR, he created his masterpiece: The SOLARIS hardware synthesizer.
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Tom Keane
Composer and Producer
Tom Keane has collaborated as writer and musician with many artists, such as: Jermaine Jackson, Celine Dion, Al Jarreau, Barbra Streisand, Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan, Kenny Rogers, Chicago, David Foster, Burt Bacharach, Peter Allen, George Benson and Patti Austin.
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John S. Murphy
Studio Musician, Live Performer, Guitar Teacher
John offers a musical mix of funk, jazz, blues, and rock with unique personal style. An active teacher, studio musician as well as live performer, he has also written songs for commercials audio and video.
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Jeroen J. Vermeulen
Composer and Producer
Jeroen J. Vermeulen has created compositions in a variety of styles, including film music, commercials as well as symphonic music.
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Fritz Graner
Musician, Writer and Producer Schlafes Bruder and E Nomine
Schlafes Bruder is a project by Fritz Graner and Christian Weller, a Hardrock band which uses Latin chorus. It is a self-proclaimed revolution of their former project E Nomine. The lead vocalist is Fritz himself.
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Alfonso D'Amora
Composer and Sound Designer
Alfonso D'Amora as a composer and musician has written music for several films and documentaries, such as the fantasy film "Lorenzo va in letargo", the TV production "War Secrets: Italy's Forgotten Invasion", the documentary "Hair India" and the action film "Colpevole".
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Victor Popescu
alias Brazda Lui Novac, Musician
Brazda Lui Novac is Romanian musician Victor Popescu’s electronic music project. Having spent his childhood in a district called „Brazda Lui Novac” (tr. „the furrow of Novac”), Victor found it fitting to give the same name to what he musically creates now.
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Matthias Keul
Pianist, Composer, Producer
Matthias Keul has been actively involved in the Cologne music scene as pianist, composer, producer and as member of Wolfgang Niedecken & Complizen, The Piano Has Been Drinking, Dunkelziffer, Food Band, Trance Groove, Damo Suzuki Band and other projects.
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Composer and Musician
Sandru comes from a family of artists, plays various instruments and loves to work out a tricky beat programming in combination with well thought out arrangements. His music has a jazzy texture on its deep and impactful rhythm tracks.
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Shay Dan
Music Production and Performance
Shay Dan is influenced by Jazz, Blues, Trip Hop, Psychedelic, Ambient and Rock. His latest project is the production of his musical Group of Light.
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Mika Hasanen
Digital Artist / Generalist
Mika started with TV commercial and feature films creation, then he came to sound design, composing and producing of his own music. His favorite project Zigma is an electronic music enterprise.
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Torsten Rausch
Torsten Rausch is inspired by DJs like DJ Rush, Chris Liebing, Gayle Sun, Marco Remus and Eric Sneo. He masters the turntables as well as the digital play with time code and won a DJ contest of the Elektroküche Cologne.
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Luigi Agostini
Author, Musician and Developer
Luigi Agostini is author and musician, as a sound environment developer he is realizing 3D audio and soundscape recording and recreation applications based on SCOPE XITE-1.
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