Artists / Mika Hasanen
Mika Hasanen
Digital Artist / Generalist
Mika started with TV commercial and feature films creation, then he came to sound design, composing and producing of his own music. His favorite project Zigma is an electronic music enterprise.

"I fell in love with the early 80th synthesizers and over the years I accumulated a considerable number of various devices. Unfortunately the problem with the classic devices is that they do not work forever." he says.

What Mika Hasanen says about SCOPE:

Luckily Sonic Core has helped our favorite classic synths such as Pro One, Prophet 5, Oddyssey and Minimoog reawakening to life by providing the virtual SCOPE versions of the originals as Plug-Ins. For me these are the most convincing clones available.
SCOPE Pro-One Plug-In Demo
by Mika Hasanen