Artists / John S. Bowen
John S. Bowen
Sound Designer and Synthesizer Developer
John S. Bowen has contributed to creation of Synthesizer Legends such as Sequential Circuits Prophet series, Korg Wavestation and OASYS. After joining development of the SCOPE MODULAR, he created his masterpiece: The SOLARIS hardware synthesizer.

He started out as the first official Moog clinician in the 70th, contributing to designs for Moog Music. His association with Dave Smith led to development of the Prophet 5 and the entire line of Sequential Circuits products.

After John contributed developing the SCOPE MODULAR he created several SCOPE Plug-Ins, that are known for their sonic quality and complete extremely accurate representations of the Pro One and Prophet 5. John's work with SCOPE led to the development of his SOLARIS hardware synthesizer, which is based on the SCOPE technology and algorithms.

What John S. Bowen says about SCOPE:

I was immediately impressed by the combination of great sound blocks in the SCOPE library, and the ease of being able to combine them into a fully functional device.