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Ulrich Schnauss
Electronic Musician and Producer
At once uplifting and otherworldly, the music of Ulrich Schnauss combines multilayered synthesizers with beats and ethereal vocals, serving as an aural escape route from the trappings of reality.

As Schnauss explains, ‘I’ve always used making and listening to music as a way to escape – putting on headphones is a great way to leave reality behind for a while, reminding yourself why it still makes sense to carry on.’

Aside from releases under his own moniker, Schnauss also joined german electronica legends Tangerine Dream in 2014. Regularly enlisted as a mixer, remixer, producer and artist in his own right, Ulrich Schnauss may use music as a way to escape, but today he seems firmly rooted in the business, albeit constantly pushing against its staid sonic boundaries. Born in 1977 in Kiel, Germany – a post-industrial seaport at the Baltic – Schnauss began improvising chord changes on an old piano in his parents’ flat; a process which remains the backbone of his songwriting to this day. Once settled on a basic chord structure, Schnauss combines programmed synths with layered basslines and rhythms, to consciously adorn each piece with certain emotions and textures.

What Ulrich Schnauss says about SCOPE:

Sonic Core's SCOPE system has given me the opportunity to travel around with a modular system exceeding the possibilities of any imaginable other instrument in that field - fulfilling not only all wishes concerning portability but also in terms of presence and fidelity. Having said that though and despite the importance of such more pragmatic considerations I do admit that first and foremost I associate it with the endless fun I've been having exploring its fascinating and infinite sonic possibilities - making it one of my most loved instruments ever since the day of purchase.